Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Happy Birthday Dad!

Cute grandpa
My graduation

Just after crying our eyes out before they left me on my own!
New York this summer
Conference last month
New York 3 years ago maybe?
Prom my junior year in high school
So today is my dads birthday, and I know it's a little late in the day but I want to post this anyways.  I'm feeling a little guilty right now because it took me till 6:30 to call and wish him happy birthday!  To make things worse, he told the family that I forgot, but little did he know I didn't!  I was writing an essay this morning and was thinking about how I wished I was going home today so I could be there to celebrate.  But then after finishing one essay, taking 3 quizzes, studying for a test, and working on my ten page research essay, I forgot to call him.  So I am currently feeling like the worst daughter in the world, but I will make it up to him.  I just want to say that my dad is the most amazing dad, man, boss, husband, and priesthood leader.  There has never been a time in my life when I questioned if he loved me.  I look at how he treats my mom and just pray that someday I will be able to find someone even remotely similar to him.  I count my blessings everyday that I was born into his family.  Even when I'm living in a different state, I still know he's looking out for me.  Wow, I'm quite the cry baby as I sit here thinking about my dad!  But if he ever reads this, I want him to know how much I love and appreciate him.  I really do have the best dad in the world!  And I can't wait to see everyone back at home, since I get back tomorrow!  And hope you all enjoy the random pictures!

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Conference and such

So I decided that since I hate when other people don't update, I am going to try and be better.  Well, everything is great here in Provo.  I'm glad to say that its still not very cold!  I guess this was the warmest Halloween Provo has had in years.  During the day, it has been in the high 60s, so I am not complaining.  You all know how excited I am for it to start snowing everyday...  School has been pretty rough, but I guess it is interesting haha.  No, I love most of my classes, they just are extremely time consuming.  And I'm thinking of changing majors, so my freakishly  hard history classes don't really have a purpose anymore.  So I'm taking STATS this semester, and lets just say it's not my favorite class.  I was talking to a friend last night, and he was telling me how it's not too bad of a class, and it's pretty easy to get an A.  Then, he looks at me and asked if I agreed.  Well, lets just say that class is not my strong point!  I study for hours before taking a test, think I know everything, and walk away with a solid C if I'm lucky.  haha but hey, it was rated one of the 10 hardest classes at BYU so whatever!  I'm just going to live by my mom's motto of C's get degrees.  Everything else in life is going great!  Sophmore year is a lot more low key than Freshman year.  I spend a ton more time studying and at the library.  I am on a way better sleeping schedule (I don't think I could live on another year of no sleep), and i actually eat real food!  It's great to be in an apartment with a kitchen!  Well I'm sorry this is so long!  Just thought you all were dying for a little update on my life!  I know I know, nothing too exciting!  But here are some pictures from conference(which was great of course) and just a few other things.