Wednesday, December 15, 2010


Well guys, I am just about finished with my last semester of classes.  One more final to go.  I have to say, this has been the most relaxing finals week known to man.  I only had 3 finals this semester, one that is scheduled for the last day, Friday.  Kind of annoying, but at least I have had 3 days to study for it since its going to be a killer.  I even slept in a little bit this morning... who gets to do that during finals?  My projects and lessons were due last week, so I'm just on the home stretch.  Poor Garrett hasn't been so lucky.  But the good news is his hardest semester is almost over!  I am so grateful he is such a hard worker, but I cant wait to spend a little bit more time with him next semester.
Oh and I almost forgot, I passed the PRAXIS!  I cannot even explain to you how excited I was to get an 82% on that dreaded test.  I guess I know a little bit more about Asian history than I thought...
1 step left to graduation: Student teaching.  Me being in charge of 120 highschool kids who all seem to be taller than me.  Kids who will try and sweet talk me into letting them do whatever they want.  Kids who are depending on me to help prepare them for their futures in college and the real world.  Kids who will probably make me want to go crazy.  And kids who I know I will love.  Am I excited?  Thats a loaded question.  I am extremely nervous. I don't feel prepared.  Somedays I still feel like a high school student myself.  But the bottom line it, I'm doing it!  And I know once I get past a few speed bumps and get over my nerves, I will love it.  Bring it on Timpanogas students!

Friday, November 19, 2010

Happy Birthday dad!

He's one year older, and wiser too!  I am so grateful for my incredible dad.  Let's be honest, how many dad's go to all their daughters cheer competitions, games, track meets, and any other events their girls were involved in?  What dad waits up for his daughters every single night?  What dad sends you flowers every valentines day?  What dad watched Little Princess with you on a regular basis for years?  Well, us Adair girls are pretty lucky!  Happy Birthday dad!

Sunday, November 14, 2010

The Praxis...

So I finally took the dreaded test.... From the time I got into the sec. ed. program, I heard people talk about the praxis.  But the thing is, no one really told me anything about it till this last semester.  I discovered that in order to graduate at all, I have to pass this stupid test.  So, after reading 800 pages of "History for Dummies" these past 2 weeks, I took the test.  It was 120 questions on all of history.  The first half of the test was on World history, and the second half was on US history.  It was even harder than I imagined!  I may be retaking this one....There were more questions on Ancient Asian history than anything else, and I'm sorry, I just don't care much about Asian history.  So it's a little up in the air, but we will just have to wait a month till I get my score!  Cross your fingers for me, cause I really don't want to have to do that again!

On a lighter note, Garrett and I go home in one week!!!  I am so excited to have a little break, take our engagement pictures, see the new house, and mainly to hang out with the family!  I feel like all I have done today is think about my nieces and nephews.  I haven't been home since July, so I cannot wait to see everyone!

Here are some pictures of what we have been up to this past month!
Weekend trip to Colorado for BYU Airforce game


Katie's 22nd Birthday party

Halloween at Scott and Kylee's couples party

The pouring rain football game!

Let's hope he decides not to do this face in engagement and wedding pictures... but you never know with this one!

Friday, September 24, 2010

Oh what a week....

After this week, I have began questioning if I actually have a brain.  It's debatable.  I thought my car was stolen for a good 48 hours.... I even filed a report with the police department.  I cried a little, and happened to tell the whole world about it!  Because really, who's car gets stolen in Provo, Ut?  And out of all the cars in my parking garage, why in the world would they take mine?  But even before I lost the car, I was just having an off week.  I was grumpy, tired and very stressed.  I was desperately in need of some sleep, but with school and work, that just wasn't happening.  Then at 4:45, I walked down to my car to take it to work.  But it was MIA.  no where in the parking lot.  I thought it got towed, so I asked my roomie to take me to work.  But after calling the towing company, I discovered that the car was gone.  I mean, I'm not dumb I wouldn't just leave my car somewhere, or so I thought.  I decided that I had no other choice but to call the police.  When I got home, I met with an officer to fill out a stolen vehicle report.  I was convinced that Provo just wasn't as safe anymore.  I then went to school on Wednesday, depressed that my beloved little car was probably striped on the side of the road somewhere.  But then as Garrett drove me to work that night, it all starting coming together.  We started walking through my Monday, just to make sure that I wasn't forgetting anything.  Well, I was!!!!  I then remembered that I drove to my night class on Monday, and then was picked up by my roommate Katelin to go straight to Family Home Evening.  How this never entered my mind, we just don't know!!!!  
Garrett dropped me off and headed to BYU to see if the car was still there or if it had been towed.  I lucked out, and only had one little ticket on my window after 48 hours in the faculty parking lot.  And I'm pretty sure my family and friends haven't stopped laughing since! Everytime I grab my keys and head down the stairs, I just laugh.  Luckily I'm just a little challenged, and that my car was not the first to be stolen in Provo!  haha I guess I am succeeding in my goal in life to spread a little happiness!  
      With my car in hand, I went to meet my Practicum teacher at Timpanogas high school in Orem.  She is late 50s, and just a doll!  It only took me 5 minutes to discover what an incredible teacher she was.  The kids just seemed to love and respect her.  After being there for about an hour, she asked me when I was doing my student teaching.  I told her I would be doing it next semester, and she asked me to come be her student teacher!!!  I am so excited about this.  This is definitely an answer to lots of prayer.  I was nervous I would get stuck with a bad teacher, or would have to drive up to Salt Lake everyday.  But instead, I will be just 15 minutes away with an incredible teacher!  And plus, the Alpine school district, where I will be student teaching, is one of the only districts in Utah still hiring history teachers.  So this is the absolute ideal situation.  And to top everything off, I still get to marry Garrett Wonnacott!  Even though I'm a little bit of an airhead, okay fine a big airhead, things just seem to be working out.  Okay sorry about the novel!  Hope this makes you laugh.

Thursday, September 16, 2010

I'm engaged!

So don't judge, I have been a little slow at writing this post!  Things have just been crazy, but I finally have a free minute to write a little something.  As of September 7th, Garrett and I are engaged!  I couldn't be happier.  I am so excited to be married to this boy for all of eternity.  And I love being engaged and calling him my fiance.  He is incredible, and I just feel so lucky.  We have been having quite the dilemma in deciding when to get married, but we just decided on April 28th.  It is the Thursday after we graduate, so we will have lots of changes happening in our lives at once!  Garrett and I started dating May of 09, so this engagement has been long coming!  But he's definitely been worth waiting for.
 When I first decided I might kind of like this boy.
I then I decided I might actually love him.
And we finally decided to seal the deal!

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Summer 2010

So after talking about my blog with one of the girls I work with, I decided it was time to update!  I'm really bad at this, but I think it's because I don't think anyone cares about what's happening in this boring girls life!  But oh well, I am going to try and be better anyways!  I love looking at other peoples blogs, so I mind as well give a few people something to look at as well, huh.  Well sadly, this summer is about to come to an end.  My final semester of classes starts on Monday, and I don't think I am ready for it.  Here's some pictures to recap this crazy summer!
Real salt lake soccer game with friends

California with the family and Garrett!  And celebrating both Garrett and I's birthdays.

Stadium of Fire and the 4th of July with the fam in Utah!

One of my best friends wedding and a couple weeks at home!

And yet another broken dress...poor court!

A trip to the lake with some of the family

Tim Mcgraw concert with Garrett!  Such a great birthday present.

A little trip up to Sundance for dinner with my mom and Garrett

A visit from mom!  After moving her entire house, she decided to come and help me move too.  How sweet is that?  But we had fun moving, cleaning, shopping, eating, getting pedicures, and decorating.  It was ALL work... okay maybe not.

and a hike to bridal vail falls with Katie and Chantyl.  Utah is beautiful this time of year!

Things not pictured:  
-A couple trips to Colorado to visit Garrett's family
- Working at shade, although I will soon be out of a job with shade closing!
-One of my best friends since junior high, Katie West is going on a mission!  Sister West is going to Russia!!! Leaving December 1st.
-Moved away from my best friends : (.  I miss them already!  But change is good, and I will still see them all the time.  Luckily I love my new roomies so this will be a fun year!

Bring on senior year!

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

28 pages

And now....

I just finished my capstone course at BYU.... 28 page research paper in 6 weeks. What was I thinking taking the hardest class of my college career over Spring Semester? Its been a crazy few weeks, spending several hours every day on this stupid paper. But hey, I'm done!!! Now all I have left is 12 credits in the fall, which should be a breeze, and then student teaching in the winter!! And then, graduation in April! I cannot believe I am already a Senior at BYU. In less than a year, I will be a college graduate. Didn't I just graduate high school last week? Oh how time flies when you are having fun! College has been such an amazing adventure for me! And even though everyone told me this would not happen...I still have the same best friends I did the day I graduated high school. But of course, we have added a few more along the journey.

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Major update!

please look at Courtney's face...this is how we entertain ourselves on a Sunday afternoon, and I'm sure everyone driving down 9th east must get a kick out of us!
Visit to AZ
The Curtis clan
The Crandalls
Freezing cold ride!
check out Tate's ears on this one

My future roomies!
Double date with Amy and Thomas(ps: they are getting married July 16th)
Brooke's 21st birthday

can't forget a picture of the punishers....
can it please get hot again so I can be tan?

Oh wow I have been MIA for a long time!! I think part of the reason why is because my blog was so ugly so I decided to change that. This has been the craziest year, so I will just post some pictures and give you a little update! Spring is back up here in Provo, but it still isn't hot! Rumor is that we may get one more snow storm...can you believe it? I'm just going to school right now, and just got hired at Shade clothing! I am taking the hardest class of my college career (as my teacher tells me daily) which is pretty difficult. It is History 490, and is basically a historiography writing course. By June 15th, I have to have a 30 page paper with an original argument completed and ready to publish. Don't be jealous! But I picked an interesting topic so its making the research much more interesting. And my other class isn't too bad, so I have no complaints. I cannot believe I am a Senior in college. I will have 13 credits in the fall, and then I will student teach in the winter to finish things up. I have had such a blast at BYU, but I am getting excited to finally graduate! Lets just hope that whatever state I end up in after graduation is one of the few thats hiring history teachers right now! Arizona, will you please start hiring teachers again?
Outside of school, my life is going great! I'm excited to start working in a couple weeks to actually have a little bit of an income. My mom is coming to visit me on Tuesday, so I'm so excited for that! All of my roomates are leaving town this weekend, so it is going to be strange having a quiet house! Cause with us 5 girls living here all year, we rarely had any resemblance of quiet! Garrett and I have been dating for one whole year as of Tuesday! It's weirding me out thinking of how fast this year has flown by. He has an internship here in Provo this summer, so he's pretty busy but we are having a blast as usual! Okay well there's my life's update...sorry it's so long! And hopefully I will be back to update some more soon!