Thursday, May 20, 2010

Major update!

please look at Courtney's face...this is how we entertain ourselves on a Sunday afternoon, and I'm sure everyone driving down 9th east must get a kick out of us!
Visit to AZ
The Curtis clan
The Crandalls
Freezing cold ride!
check out Tate's ears on this one

My future roomies!
Double date with Amy and Thomas(ps: they are getting married July 16th)
Brooke's 21st birthday

can't forget a picture of the punishers....
can it please get hot again so I can be tan?

Oh wow I have been MIA for a long time!! I think part of the reason why is because my blog was so ugly so I decided to change that. This has been the craziest year, so I will just post some pictures and give you a little update! Spring is back up here in Provo, but it still isn't hot! Rumor is that we may get one more snow storm...can you believe it? I'm just going to school right now, and just got hired at Shade clothing! I am taking the hardest class of my college career (as my teacher tells me daily) which is pretty difficult. It is History 490, and is basically a historiography writing course. By June 15th, I have to have a 30 page paper with an original argument completed and ready to publish. Don't be jealous! But I picked an interesting topic so its making the research much more interesting. And my other class isn't too bad, so I have no complaints. I cannot believe I am a Senior in college. I will have 13 credits in the fall, and then I will student teach in the winter to finish things up. I have had such a blast at BYU, but I am getting excited to finally graduate! Lets just hope that whatever state I end up in after graduation is one of the few thats hiring history teachers right now! Arizona, will you please start hiring teachers again?
Outside of school, my life is going great! I'm excited to start working in a couple weeks to actually have a little bit of an income. My mom is coming to visit me on Tuesday, so I'm so excited for that! All of my roomates are leaving town this weekend, so it is going to be strange having a quiet house! Cause with us 5 girls living here all year, we rarely had any resemblance of quiet! Garrett and I have been dating for one whole year as of Tuesday! It's weirding me out thinking of how fast this year has flown by. He has an internship here in Provo this summer, so he's pretty busy but we are having a blast as usual! Okay well there's my life's update...sorry it's so long! And hopefully I will be back to update some more soon!


Katelin said...

YESSSSSSSSSSS about time my dear!!! Love the post and I love you! :)

Amy said...

hi cute post. Love you. Sounds like you are doing fabulous. Give me a call why don't you. Reading this made me really miss you!

Shelb and Ry said...

oh my gosh! I'm so happy you updated.. please keep it up!

love you tons!