Thursday, August 26, 2010

Summer 2010

So after talking about my blog with one of the girls I work with, I decided it was time to update!  I'm really bad at this, but I think it's because I don't think anyone cares about what's happening in this boring girls life!  But oh well, I am going to try and be better anyways!  I love looking at other peoples blogs, so I mind as well give a few people something to look at as well, huh.  Well sadly, this summer is about to come to an end.  My final semester of classes starts on Monday, and I don't think I am ready for it.  Here's some pictures to recap this crazy summer!
Real salt lake soccer game with friends

California with the family and Garrett!  And celebrating both Garrett and I's birthdays.

Stadium of Fire and the 4th of July with the fam in Utah!

One of my best friends wedding and a couple weeks at home!

And yet another broken dress...poor court!

A trip to the lake with some of the family

Tim Mcgraw concert with Garrett!  Such a great birthday present.

A little trip up to Sundance for dinner with my mom and Garrett

A visit from mom!  After moving her entire house, she decided to come and help me move too.  How sweet is that?  But we had fun moving, cleaning, shopping, eating, getting pedicures, and decorating.  It was ALL work... okay maybe not.

and a hike to bridal vail falls with Katie and Chantyl.  Utah is beautiful this time of year!

Things not pictured:  
-A couple trips to Colorado to visit Garrett's family
- Working at shade, although I will soon be out of a job with shade closing!
-One of my best friends since junior high, Katie West is going on a mission!  Sister West is going to Russia!!! Leaving December 1st.
-Moved away from my best friends : (.  I miss them already!  But change is good, and I will still see them all the time.  Luckily I love my new roomies so this will be a fun year!

Bring on senior year!


Jamie said...

I loveeee it when you update!!!

Jamie said...

Sorry that was mom!!

Cami said...

What a great summer! I am a little jealous. Good luck with the new semester

Skyler and Kaitlin Ferguson said...

Me too! I love when you update too Ashton! Sounds like you had a fun summer! Good luck this Fall and when you come home next we'll have to do something.

Shelb and Ry said...

cute! I'm glad to hear the update.. love you!

Mallory Nikolaus said...

Ashton!!! Thanks for the update! We do care what you're up to! It looks like you had a great summer!